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This wikia is about Cylus Schindler, his beach ball, and the viral video: Beach Ball Tantrum!

Description of Beach Ball Tantrum!

When Cylus looses his beach ball from the wind, Cylus's mom begins recording the video when she says: No I don't. When Cylus says "Beach Ball" (All over again) he begins jumping around to a jumping party, and makes sure his daddy gets it. Wendy Schindler tells Cylus that he may not talk to daddy like that. When Cylus watches the beach ball gets blown away, he begins skipping and jumping, rolls into a ball, and looks at the waves. His mom tells him that he will get other beach balls in his life, but Cylus jumps to Wendy, and says, NO! His mom tells him he may not talk to her like that or he will go to time-out. Wendy tells Cylus she's sorry for him losing his beach ball. Cylus then sits on a chair, crying and coughing. His mom tells him if he's ready to eat, but he answers no, that he still wants his beach ball . She tells Cylus that people on the boat can get it, and gives it to their children. Cylus said no, that he wants another beach ball, and throws a chair, that he still wants his beach ball. His mom tells him that Dollar Tree has one, and tells him he wants to earn money to get another one. Cylus said no, and he tries to kick a chair, but fails to, but after he fell down, he threw the chair instead, his mom said " You know what, we don't throw things, we don't scream like that, we don't act like that, pick up the chairs , and bring them back now." But Cylus drops himself to the ground, but gets up, and crawls on the ground, and knows that he doesn't throw chairs, he doesn't scream, but after he picks up the chair, he knocks his legs to the ground, having a seizure, faking death, but picks up a chair, and asks his mom that she could buy and extra beach ball. But Wendy tells him that she got it from the yard sale, and there's only one. She decides Cylus is ready to eat, and tells him that he" wants to drink a water or he wants some sandwiches." Cylus said he doesn't wanna eat, and looks at the water. His mom tells Cylus that he saw the beach ball, and tells him to say bye-bye to it. Cylus jumps " No!", and his mom tells him that he may not talk to her like that, and tells him to sit down with her, and says that she loves him.

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